Celeb reactions to XXXTentacion’s death

Like his fellow music artists, Kylie Jenner’s ex and “Rack City” rapper Tyga took the news of XXXTentacion’s death hard. He shared a photo of XXXTentacion on his Instagram account and penned an emotional caption. “Such a sad feeling today. Losing a good artist. Nothing is worth losing your life,” Tyga said. “I’m really sad about this and hurt how things have changed, so many new young good [artists] that need to realize their platform and influence.”

Tyga continued, telling his fans and 12.7 million Instagram followers, “We gotta do better as a culture. We gotta come together and set better examples. We got [so] many young people that idolise (sic) us as [artists].” Tyga explained that he wants his son — King Cairo Stevenson, whom he shares with ex Blac Chyna — to have the “right influences” as he grows older.

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