Shadiest moments at the 2018 World Cup

Every four years, the World Cup takes center stage across the soccer-loving world. Coverage of the event dominates the headlines, often overshadowing other important news. As the 2018 World Cup got underway in Russia, the migrant crisis in Europe continued, and for those desperately trying to start a new life in a new country, the tournament provided the perfect cover.

Instead of asking everyone to apply for a visa, Russia reportedly issued visiting fans special World Cup IDs, but officials in Finland said those identifications can be abused by people seeking asylum. “Some people are likely to misuse this document for other purposes than those intended,” an analyst from the Border Service of South East Finland said. “True, this was somewhat expected and we were preparing for such cases.”

Despite preparations, the head of risk assessment at the Finnish Border Guard reportedly told Sputnik News that the organization was a “little surprised though that these cases happened at the beginning of the World Cup and in such numbers. We thought that this would happen only closer to the end of the competition, as the national teams will be dropping out.”

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