The untold truth of My Big Fat Fabulous Life

While Whitney may be the undisputed star of the show, her parents, Barbara and Glenn Thore, have become fan favorites. In fact, they’ve managed to build quite the following of their own with viewers taking to social media to sing their praises. Viewers like Constance Marceau who wrote, “Loves me some Babs and Glenn. Their unconditional love for @WhitneyWay and Hunter is, in a word, FANTASTIC. Not everyone is so lucky!”

Even with all the attention, however, the duo has managed to keep much of their day-to-day life under wraps. While Babs’ past is still a pretty big question mark, Life & Style was able to uncover some details about Glenn’s life off-camera

As the outlet discovered in 2017, Glenn was working as a Corporate Manufacturing Manager for Millennium Print Group, a “very unique and distinctive printer [offering] offset lithography with a full array of bindery services” located in Morrisville, North Carolina. Before that, he was a General Manager, then a VP, at PBM Graphics, a “national leader in commercial printing and fulfillment services” in Durham, North Carolina.

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