Jarren Benton & Hopsin Reunite On “Don’t Need You”

Although Funk Volume decided to close up shop back in 2016, members of the collective have still kept in touch.

Earlier this year, Jarren Benton and Dizzy Wright teamed up with a few others for their One Week Notice project. And now, Benton and Hopsin have reuninted for the first time in three years on “Don’t Need You,” the first single off the Decatur rapper’s upcoming Yuck Fou project.

“I’m really excited about this track. It’s been three years since me and Hopsin have collaborated,” says Jarren. “Ironically it’s also been three years since me and Kato have done a project together. This one is special. It’s easy to hear the chemistry is still there. The song concept came from a humorous conversation that me and Hopsin had regarding how people treat you when they think that you’re no longer relevant in the music industry. In those times you begin to see who your real friends are and the ones who aren’t… fuck em, we don’t you.”

Produced by Kato, “Don’t Need You” can be heard below. Press play and be on the lookout for Yuck Fou, which is looking at a July 27th release.

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