How to Defend a Smash | Badminton

Learn the basics of defending a badminton smash with this free video tutorial.

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Defending a smash can be tricky since the badminton shuttlecock can travel so fast. Do check out our video on the block shot.

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  1. As I am very advanced in badminton, I find that whether forehand or backhand defense of a smash won't help as you either keep lifting the shuttle to the back of your opponents court area or stand back closer to the baselines. As I specialize in men's and mixed double many players find it hard to beat my smashes because they are just stand too far back leaving the front area open for me to smash as I am a better net area player than the back area. I started to use Kevin Sanjaya Sukamojo's techniques and it worked quite well at the front court especially now when I can play at a very fast speed at front and back court. I actually gave tips that when defending such smashes you should be in a squat/ bending down position (not too low) but standing a little forward but not too close to the service line. In this was you will not only be able to defend but defensively attack the shot. I
    always use this trick to catch my opponents out when they think I am going to lift the shuttle as defense.

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