NASA’s Insight Shares Photos of Mars And Internet Responded In a Hilarious Way

NASA’s InSight lander was launched on May 5, 2018, to study Mars’ deep interior. After nearly 7 months, it finally reached its destination on November 26, marking another milestone in human history. The landing kicks off a 2-year mission that will help scientists in their research about the formation of rocky worlds.

“It’s #MarsLanding Day! Today, our @NASAInSight spacecraft blazes into the Mars atmosphere at 12,300 mph and slows to just 5 mph in less than 7 min., before gently touching down on the surface,” NASA tweeted.

InSight is the 3rd functional spacecraft currently on the Red Planet, together with Curiosity and Opportunity rovers. With thousands, including NASA employees, watching the historic landing, many excitedly waited for the first photos.

NASA already shared 2 shots taken by InSight and as usual, the netizens are ready to give their hilarious comments and memes. Check out below.


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