Alan Brasil criticized "caveman" after he criticized Andy Murray for crying

ALAN Brazil has been described as a "caveman" after criticizing Andy Murray for "whining" when he announced his retirement.

The old Scottish international legend attacked Murray while appearing in his usual place in TalkSport this morning (Friday).

Brazil, 59, who retired as a result of an injury, condemned Murray for showing such an open emotion by revealing his own early retirement, and mocked: "I do not blubbing."

Co-host Ally McCoist was among those who attacked Brazil, defended Murray and told him on the show: "You're a cold-hearted man."

Brazil was described as "caveman" for his comments on Andy Murray

Another collaborator of the show said of Brazil: "Not so much Braveheart, more like the heart of stone".

The reaction continued in line with TheRug85 saying: "When will @talkSPORT be released from … Alan Brasil? I can not believe that I woke up to listen to the fat clown who is attacking him." From a man who retired at age 26 with a bad back, comedian. "

Jezhum39 added: "What a bitter and twisted Scotsman Alan Brazil is, all you can think about when it comes to Murray is how much money he has won."

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DineAndDown wrote: "@talkSPORT, how much longer will you allow Alan Brazil to express his caveman opinions? If he is not underestimating mental health, he is starting to make fun of injured sports.

PatrickDavies7 said: "@talkSPORT Another example of how Alan Brazil is so out of touch with modern sports. A grandfather clock in the digital era. Time to cool off in the morning program.

08mexico added: "Alan Brasil is a disgrace, it is so out of place. Andy Murray is one of the most important athletes in this country and does not deserve that Alan Brazil speaks of him as he is. Talksport should address this with Mr. Brazil. "

During the radio program, Brazil led a series of other picks after the former tennis number one.

When a taxi driver called to say that he had expelled Andy Murray from Heathrow and told him he was a charming man, Brazil interrupted him: "Did he cry when he looked at the meter?"

Brazil added: "I do not like to see people like that, it makes me feel uncomfortable."

Image: Brendan Dennis / Wikimedia Commons. Murray has won two Wimbledon titles and two Olympic gold medals

"He (Murray) does not give you any love, does not smile."

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