Gamer furious after Amazon delivers three copies of the same game completely empty.

The BAFFLING video shows how an Amazon client opened three sealed copies of a new videogame, to find each one completely empty.

Shelley McCarthy-Dunnett ordered Doom Ninendo's switch and was disconcerted to open the first sealed box and not find any cartridge inside.

The 33-year-old filmed herself by opening the "replacement" that was also empty.

Shelley, from Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, again filmed herself when she opened the third copy of Amazon, and again found no cartridge inside.

At this time, Amazon returned £ 42.50 to Shelly, who fears an inmate may be stealing the cartridges from the Switch before sealing the boxes.

The 18th Science Fiction and Terror certificate was purchased for Shelley's husband, Daniel, 35, who received an Amazon coupon for Christmas.

The first copy of the game was delivered on Monday of this week. The replacement arrived the next day and, finding it also empty, Shelley went to the Facebook page of Amazon.

She wrote: "Second game delivered in 2 days The first game was not recorded on video, since I did not think anything about it, even though the package was not sealed correctly.

"My husband ordered that he give himself a second the next day and the game is missing again.

Shelley expects the box to see if it has been tampered with.

"Then either they have made a lot of games with the lost cartridge or someone is stealing them. These are new and sealed.

"Get a joke now".

In the first video, Shelley can be seen tapping the seal to see if it has been tampered with, saying "It's not completely sealed" before sliding his finger through the seal and removing it.

Then she opens the box and has nothing in it. Shelley then says, "Something dirty happens here, the second has no game." Then he hits it on the package and says, "Dodgy or what."

The second video, which shows the third copy of the game, shows Shelley holding the sealed outer packaging of Amazon to show that she has not tampered with it.

Shelley was able to put her fingers under the plastic seal of the second box after removing it from Amazon's cardboard box.

Then, she pulls out the stamp and says "The third time with luck" and then takes the game out of the package.

This time the Nintendo strip around the box is intact but much of the remaining plastic seal is in tatters.

She says, "It's completely undone there, I can put my finger to the bottom that is not sealed at all, this is the box."

Then remove the envelope, open the box, look and sigh deeply before saying, "This is the third time." I do not understand all this from the same seller. "

Speaking today, she said, "I'm angry about all of that, I was honestly thinking it was a coincidence, but no, I just do not understand."

Two of the games that Shelley filmed were missing cartridges

Stacie Vickers wrote in Shelley's publication that it said: "That is an appalling quality control by the company, and I hope it will be resolved quickly and efficiently."

Amazon declined to comment, but an informant confirmed: "We have fully reimbursed the couple."

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