The comments of the head of Hibs, Neil Lennon, at the press conference before his suspension.

HIBERNIANO's head coach, Neil Lennon, insists that the success demands on Easter Road are pale compared to the Glasgow football environment, when he launched a new attack on his underperforming players.

The statements of the former captain and coach of Celtic came after Wednesday's 1-0 loss at Motherwell, which leaves Leith's side seven points off the top six, after a run of just three wins in 15 games in all the competition.

Lennon, who has never been shy about criticizing his players in public, has vowed to continue to "whip" the team until they rediscover their form.

The 47-year-old also backed the manager of Hearts and manager Craig Levein after his fierce rival from Edinburgh described his own striker David Vanecek as "garbage" in Dundee's setback between the two weeks of Gorgie's team.

Lennon, a veteran of Glasgow's fiery footballing habits, made it clear to his players that his own environment is considerably less stressful for those he experienced at the other end of the M8.

"It's a difficult game, I understand," said Lennon, who was to take his team to St Mirren tomorrow.

"This is not a difficult environment to play in. Glasgow is, this is not a difficult environment to play.

"All managers have goals, all managers have demands: win the league, make Europe, the first six, not be relegated; they are all the demands that managers have.

"So all the pressures are relative, but this pressure we have in this club is not very demanding." It is an environment in which they should be thriving, not putting semi-finished performances week after week. Because it will not be tolerated.

"I can not continue to whip them, but I'll do it until I get an answer.

"How else are you supposed to get close? You can not go," everything's fine guys, we'll move on to the next game. "

Lennon, who said Ryan Porteous had planned to perform an exploration yesterday before visiting a specialist on Monday after the defender's knee "jumped" in Fir Park, added: "You have to make demands on the players. It takes the worst part and that's fine, I understand it but there also has to be a responsibility of the players.

"I will take responsibility for the results and the results, but it's a two-way thing and that first half was not acceptable."

Lennon, who called his players "non-professionals" and "fans" after the May loss at Hearts, also allied with his Tynecastle counterpart over Levein's comment on Vanecek.

He added: "It's not acceptable to him (Vanecek) or the manager and the players that surround him too, so Craig is targeting not just the individual, but the players in general, he's not good enough. and he has the right to do that.

"What do we do, we sit there and we do not say anything? He can improve, of course he can, but obviously he did not reach what he was seeing in training or what he was asking him to do.

"We do not want to go out and publicly criticize the players, but sometimes they need it." (The former coach of Manchester United and Chelsea) Jose Mourinho can do it, but they criticize him. Why? The boy has won 25 trophies.

"You receive the coaches and managers of the new era saying that you should not be saying this or that, that's okay, that's your way.

"That's fine if you're (Liverpool manager) Jurgen Klopp and (Manchester City manager) Pep Guardiola and you're winning every week.

"I'm not, by any means, the old school, but I'm a bit of both and I'll get the whip when necessary and I think it was required on Wednesday, and it still is until I get a level of performance that I'm looking for."

Recognizing that soccer players today are less accustomed to scathing criticism, Lennon admits to having been singled out by former franciscent Wycombe and Celtic coach Martin O'Neill, who brought out the best in him.

He added: "Millions of times O'Neill would pierce me like a hot knife through butter." You can go one or the other, but usually I went to the other side. I thought: 'Well, I'll show you', or you're honest enough to go, you know what, he's right and I need to support my ideas here & # 39;

"The quality of the player sitting next to me, could be defrauding them, or I could be sitting on my ass for a few weeks."

Hibs captain David Gray, meanwhile, admits that both his season and the team's season have been discouraging.

The right-back has made six starts in the Premier League in a campaign that injured injuries and has just got rid of an ankle problem that has troubled a 30-year-old since last October.

He said: "Personally, I am very frustrated by the way the season has developed.

"It started really well and I was enjoying it a lot, playing games all the time and feeling good."

"And, obviously, getting injured, is the worst thing for a professional footballer.

"I've had enough of them in recent years to know how to deal with that.

"But it does not make it easier.

"And when the results do not go well in the field, it adds to the frustration because you feel powerless to help and try to correct it."

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