Meet the GOP congressman trying to “redefine the narrative” on climate change

Climate change is becoming a talking point for 2020 democrats, but there’s a Republican in Congress making sure his party gets into the conversation, too. CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns and CBSN associate producer Tyler Kendall join CBSN to discuss their article out Wednesday.


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  1. Hurricanes were rampant in the 1960’s. The FEC rail road was destroyed by one in the Florida Keys in the 1930’s. Erosion AND accretion occurs everywhere. Sea level has only risen 6 inches since we started measuring it in the 1940’s. I know that’s the truth. It’s my job to know because I Survey waterfront property on a regular basis and have done the due diligence. What is a problem and the only problem confronting green house gasses is pollution absorbed by the oceans causing ocean acidification… but OA isn’t as sexy as scaring people into paying carbon taxes as natural disasters are. SLR scare tactics is a psyop but the oceans get polluted more and more everyday l.

  2. ironically it was the republicans that introduced the government to global warming in 1986 along with the help of exxon/ mobile put up a lot of money initially to define climate change as global warming…and now this guy is a radical in the GOP. how dare he even consider science when talking to idiots in government or FOX viewers would go crazy if they see this

  3. List of Climate Change Deniers in Congress. How many are representing your state?, Apr 28 2017,

    Saying that climate change has opposing viewpoints, is like saying today that maybe amputation could be a safe and legitimate weight-loss strategy. It makes no sense and only works if the believers ignore all evidence and logic.  
    — Elick Jones

    “We cannot afford to underestimate this problem. If we face irreversible and catastrophic consequences, we must act, and we must act decisively.”
    — John Doerr, American Investor and venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers,

    "Swift action by politicians is the single most important factor in limiting global warming… The costs of political delays outweigh any possible benefits of waiting for more research into the mechanisms of climate change."
    — Joeri Rogelj, David L. McCollum, Andy Reisinger, Malte Meinshausen and Keywan Riahi, “Probabilistic cost estimates for climate change mitigation,” Nature, 493, doi:10.1038/nature11787,, and

    The Republican Party Is Full Of Climate Change Deniers, AJ+, Dec 4, 2015,

    Republicans Still Reject the Science of Global Warming, Only one major political party in the world denies climate change, and it's in charge of the most important political body in the world. Rolling Stone, Nov 4, 2016,

    Climate Deniers in Congress, Apr 24, 2013,

    "[Donald Trump] may just have taken the most serious and wrong decision on climate this world has seen." — Stephen Hawking, World renowned scientist, Vox, June 20, 2017,

    Climate Denier to Head New Trump Panel Despite Once Comparing Climate Scientists to Nazis, Democracy Now!, Feb 21, 2019,

    Sen. Sanders on Climate Change Science, C-SPAN, Feb 24, 2010,

  4. It's hilarious when a Republican finally uses his brain, it makes the news and shocks everyone. He'll be kicked out of the party for his comments.

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