Aladdin Angry Trailer Reaction!

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AngryJoe & OtherJoe React to the full Aladdian Trailer, does Will Smith look any better as the Genie? Find out!

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  1. I have no idea why this video is only 360p, apparently Youtube is having processing issues at the time we uploaded it, some 6 hours later its still not in HD. Hopefully it will go HD at some point. If not this will be our only 360p video lol.

  2. One thing I gotta point out…
    I think you forgot about the song Prince Ali, when Genie had regular skin tone. Saying that he was always blue in the original isn't exactly the best argument to use.

  3. that's the entire point of adding the music in the end, to kick in your nostalgia and pull you in, make you spend your hard earned cash on something that is disappointing and shameful to your childhood or at the very least tolerable.

  4. y'all talking about blue genies and jafar when disney literally changed the culture from arabian to indian like it's nobody's business. Now we have a generation that thinks this is arabian culture or that arabian and indian culture is the same. A whole mess.

  5. My theory on jafar's casting choice is because of age. Jafar wants to marry Jasmine who is supposed to be a young woman, if you get an older fellow like ben kingsley then that might be opening a can of worms. Disney took the safe choice.

  6. I was little skeptical about a new genie with no Robin Williams, but after seeing this I got hope. The way he sang Friend Like Me was a little eh, but seriously his competition is the late Robin Williams. That's a tall order, even for someone as funny and talented as Will Smith. I'm glad he's doing it his way though 🙂

  7. In my opinion, this trailer makes it look like the film is going to be absolutely terrible. Generally worse performances compared to the animated, bad covers of the original songs, and bad new style Disney humour that just falls flat

  8. I saw the musical recently and it was very good… this seems similar but on a bigger scale. I think it will be okay. Jafar doesn’t seem to work in live action though, musical or movie.

  9. ppl will love this movie……. as soon they`ve seen it everyone will love it, the main charakter , jazmin , jaffar ect. dont forget this is a guy richi movie he likes to change things and make them different, maybe we will some good twists and so on.

  10. 9:02 umm, yeah he does, when he lead the parade in agrabha he used a human disguise and got rid of the blue, also he was supposed to be the peddler at the begining of the movie but the reveal was removed from the original cut.

  11. actualy looking pretty damn good, i wonder if this may end up bieng better then the original, BAMBOZELED trick question it cant be better, but it can be different :3 also rip smerf smith you didint last long but you scarred all of us forever. adendum oh i know whoed be a fun jifar, Willem Dafoe…. 😀 disney get that bland actor out of there! you need an actor with the charisma to play such a character.

  12. I don't like the actors for Jafar, Jasmin or Aladin. Jafar is way to sutble. Jasmin and Aladin are supose to be like 16 at the oldest. These two look in there mid to late twenties.

  13. What I wouldn't give for a live-action Atlantis: The Lost Empire. That scene where the enter the ship graveyard and the Leviathan shows up could be genuinely terrifying with today's technology.

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