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  1. My cat doesn’t drink from bowl and only from a tap which is annoying, so we got a fountain and she never used it lmao and it just wasted so much electricity

  2. I think the only reason Cheeto didn’t take to the cat wheel was because he isn’t a super athletic cat breed. Most of the breeds in the videos were “athletic” breeds who had the longer tails and legs (majority did anyways) but I bet with enough training he might learn to enjoy it. Loved this video though and I would love to do something like this for my cat if I had the money lol

  3. Ryland your trending….!!!!! #37….. I watched this when you posted it but I had to come back to share with my friend because she posted a kitten using her ginormous wheel… LOL and all I can think of was you and Cheeto on the wheel.

  4. I literally squealed at the beginning when I saw you got the litter robot AND the cat wheel!!!!! I've been thinking about getting both for a while, so seeing you review them is everything! I'm definitely buying that robot and I think the wheel would be great for my hyperactive cat. If Cheeto likes lasers, you may want to try that and see if he chases it in the wheel. If not, he may just not be an athlete lol. I love/hate that cat tree, but I think you could make it look nicer if you get some cat safe wood and put it over that fake grass or something like that. Cheeto seemed to love those leaves, I think my big fluffy boy would enjoy playing hide and attack in those <3

    BTW I have a different fountain that my dog and one of my cats really love, it's much larger than the flower pot one but not as cute. The animals love it, you may want to look at a more conventional one next time you go shopping for the fur babies

  5. I don’t have cat, nor do i like cats all that much. Yet i enjoyed this Ryland 😂. Also Shane is the embodiment of a cat so every time he nails Cheetos reactions its just great haha.

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