Marianne Williamson On Reparations And Conscious Candidacy In Her Run For President In 2020

Marianne Williamson, Oprah’s spiritual adviser and presidential hopeful stops by to explain how there needs to be a change in people and politics. Williamson also talks about the ineffectiveness of ‘race based policies.’

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Marianne Williamson On Reparations And Conscious Candidacy In Her Run For President In 2020

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  1. Slave money from cotton, tobacco and sugar plantations was traced back estimated at 5 trillion dollars. The free slave labor jump started americas economy over other European regions like Italy ect. Blacks produce over 60% of the world cotton which helped financed the railroads for transport built by Asians.

    Slave money was also traced to colleges, insurance companies and institutions like wells fargo and chase bank who've recently apologized for taking slave money.

    It's would make sense to pay 200 million to people you owe 5 trillion to. Blacks would be doing her and thy american government a favor lol…

  2. I think she would be a great President…With reparations we as black people can finally heal and put all that WHITE MAN did this to bed…I think we would finally be a Real Country for all and black people would love America too lol

  3. Wow i'll vote for her if she will Work towards Reparations for ADOS and repairing the damage done. Now I have to go hope the French Government gives my family reparations, lmao. On a serious note, if she IS genuine, I hope the Democrats don't try to sabotage her.

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