Mike Tyson vs Titans – Brutal Knockouts

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Mike Tyson is a true super heavyweight legend. He went into the ring to simply kill his opponents with his uncontrollable rage and power. But in almost every fight Mike’s opponents were much bigger than him. And today we will see 5 fights when Tyson looked two times smaller than his opponent.

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  1. Mang pantes jd legenda mike tyson, tangan yah cpet bnget, klo holyfild ngelawan mike tyson wktu dlu, udah psti tumbang, stamina yah udah kya macan, heee…®

  2. I am 47 years old, so I was there to see Tyson in his prime. Now that being said, with all due respect for Tyson, in his first 25 professional fights of his career almost all of his knockout victories came either against journeyman and gatekeeper boxers or against fighters who, for whatever reason, did not take him seriously enough. Marvis Frazier, the son of the late Joe Frazier being a famous example.

    After 37 wins the bouts started to get better, fighting better quality opponents and winning his three heavyweight titles. But some of those fights were suspect, at least that’s what I and my buddies thought in high school. Some fighters looked like they quit early just to get a big payday and to save the wear and tear of actually fighting, but I digress.

    Anyway, after that he lost to Buster Douglas, the first guy who truly was not afraid of him(the World Wide Web did not exist yet), the Canadian Donovan “Razor” Ruddock REALLY took it to him for two fights. And it was after the ref stepped in to stop the first fight that Tyson’s mystique started to come crashing down.

    After that it was all downhill, with the rape conviction, reckless money spending and gaining victories over more journeyman opponents and none against top caliber talent such as Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis. He lost his last two bouts in a row and that was it.

    Still, in his prime, “Iron” Mike Tyson was a very entertaining boxer to watch. He, along with welterweight legends “Marvellous” Marvin Hagler, Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns, Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard were the last great fighters of the Golden Era of Boxing … I miss those days.

  3. It's not just the power and accuracy of Mike's punches, it's the rate of them!!! – In the Bruno fight, Bruno was getting off 3 to SEVEN Tyson punches and BIG punches at that!!! 3 – 7??? No chance of winning. Like a human 20mm machine cannon!!!

  4. The Narrator doesn't know shit about Boxing. In the first clip was the 1996 bout between Bruno and Tyson. Frank Bruno was Heavyweight Champion and Mike Tyson was the Challenger! Get your fact straight, before posting vids.

  5. Mike Tyson was the best in his era his boxing coaches was bet it was real good they showed him how to fight he knew how to fight he had the urge to fight it was the best in his error you can't take that from him and another thing it was from Brownsville never ran never real never will never ran never will. In the story best of all time in his error can't take it from his his he owns it number one. No question mark.

  6. Mike Tyson was a good fighter in an era of bad fighters. He looked great by comparison, but he wasn't great in the context of boxing's entire history.

  7. What I liked about Tyson was no trash talks but murderous punches, hooks and uppercuts. He kept all his energies for the fight not for the trash mouthing fights like a whole lots out there. I guess the most important to him was he want to be the last standing in the rink. And he always walked away after his opponents went down not making a show trying to interfere with the referee trying to see if the other still able to continue the fight.

  8. Только сейчас обратил внимание, что у Тайсона практически нет прямых, только боковые и с разворотом корпуса…

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