Tesla Model Y event highlights

Watch Elon Musk reveal the new Tesla Model Y at an event in Los Angeles.

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  1. Model Y is just a slightly oversized model 3. Nobody who wants an SUV is going to buy one, because there is nothing about it is an SUV. Only people who were planning to buy model 3 may buy Y instead. Tesla is simply cannibalizing itself.

  2. I think the most revolutionary thing here is that truck!That will be very competitive for industrial/commercial transportation…should low our goods prices…I mean hope so!

  3. Elon seemed pretty cringe here, he is definitely not a good speaker with charisma…Tesla did amazing things in all these years, but now they will start facing real competition since they had almost none till now…Other electric cars are already selling alot more due to lower price tag etc…Tesla didnt make that much money either during these years and that was the reason other companies didnt hop into the electric train yet…I think when Porsches launches his own electric vehicles along with Audi Bmw Mercedes Tesla will be done, i can hardly imagine them keeping up with big companies in the long run..

  4. Really!? There were highlights!? This was the worst unveiling I’ve ever seen. Started 20 minutes late. Took 20 minutes to recap everything that the company has revealed before. Then brought out the car. It wasn’t center stage, had terrible lighting and Elon basically didn’t care enough to describe the car at all. Pretty much like he didn’t care. He really needs a marketing team.

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