Why Republicans failed to fit taxes onto a postcard

For years, Republicans have proposed making the tax code so simple that Americans could file their taxes on a single postcard.

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So when they got the chance to reform taxes in 2017, they made sure to design and implement a postcard-sized tax return.

In reality, the postcard isn’t what they say it is. While it’s half the size of the old form, the new form is more condensed than simplified. Important deductions and tax credits, still exist, but they’ve been moved onto other forms. In order to file taxes with the new form, you could end up attaching six or more extra pieces of paper.

Republicans didn’t really simplify the tax code, but they still tried to simplify the tax return form.

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  1. Ironically, TurboTax told me I had to pay for their deluxe version because my taxes could not be filled with 1 page. Obviously mainstream tax preparers are profiting from the new law.

  2. Actually taxes did get simpler. The exemptions were removed and standard deductions were doubled. This is the first time in 10 years I've taken the standard deduction over itemizing. My effective rate was also lower than last year (along with many other millions of Americans).

  3. Taxation is slavery. Inflation and deflation by central banks is the cruelest hidden tax not even on the tax forms, not voted by anyone except the Fed board…they don't envy the rich, they hate existence itself, the limitations of life, their anger fueled by self-hatred…Darkness within darkness…there is something pristine within you right now, never born therefore can never die…

  4. Republicans exclaim a simple tax form, where as in reality they look to minimize tax brackets so that the wealthier get lumped into the same line as lower income bracket.
    They could do away with tax forms all together and do what many other industrialized nations do, which is automate tax reporting with all the bells and whistles for appropriate deductions – but republicans would NEVER do so as demonstrated by their adamant opposition when Democrats proposed such for e-filing.
    It's important to bear in mind of where the two parties today stand, democrats are for conventional governance as that of nearly any other industrialized democracy, where as republicans have been looking to undermine any and all regulation/accountability/wealth equalizer.
    Government is the only equalizer of wealth in any society – when government is weak/understaffed/defanged – wealthy entities and individuals get to live by a different set of rules than the rest of us.
    Don't believe me? Just look at Manafort's sentence and how he got that sentence – the lawyers merely asked the judge for a more lenient sentence than any thorough argument.

  5. Would love to see a video about ANWR drilling, the view of it for the natives in Alaska. And how Sen. Murkowski went against her state to get it included in law to open it up for drilling.

  6. Solution: Have the IRS fill out the forms before sending them to you, so you can correct them. The short form could have one entry "amount due"; a negative number would indicate the IRS owes the recipient a return. One question would be on the form reading "would you like an itemized listing to make corrections? yes[ ] no[ ]". there would, of course, be a signature line with date entry at the bottom. The IRS would apply any and all deductions, credits, etc. that the taxpayer qualifies for, and would allow them to opt out of them on the detailed invoice if desired.

    In short, the tax system needs to be made user friendly.

  7. I would believe vox , if they weren’t anti republican. But since they are a propaganda machine for the left, I’ll take the info as if I’m watching news from the sci fi. Channel.

  8. We would be able to file taxes on a postcard if we had a flat tax. Everyone contributes a certain percentage with no loopholes, so it fair for everyone because everyone should contribute, not just 50% of us.

  9. When you don't have to pay taxes and then get angry that you're charged a buck per mile every time you head out in your car because your roads are now privately-owned and therefore will inherently be used by corporations for profit.

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